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FlexDC Motion Controller

Nanomotion has released its FlexDC Motion Controller, which is a dedicated single or dual axis control and drive unit for use with Nanomotion's range of high performance ceramic servo motors and positioning stages.

Available in the UK from Heason Technology, the compact desktop controller includes PIV or PID servo control with quadrature or Sin/Cos encoders providing nanometre-level position control with synchronised I/O as well as specific ceramic motor algorithms, such as ultra high resolution and dead band compensation to reduce lost motion during reversals.

FlexDC may be fitted with a choice of Nanomotion's AB1A or the more powerful AB5 drives and configured for up to 16 elements per axis. The power supply is included in the 2U high enclosure, which requires 100-240 VAC. Rear panel connectors are provided for motor, encoders I/O and communications. An analogue joystick input is also available for manual jogging.

A PC-based GUI is supplied for programming the FlexDC and to aid system tuning and set-up. Programming is via an ACSII-based communication protocol. Further GUI functions include data capture to verify real time performance and dynamic error mapping correction, which can be used to compensate for mechanical positioning errors. Communication interfaces include an RS232, CANbus and Ethernet which may all be used independently.


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