Alpine Research Optics brand B-Max series mirrors

Saint-Gobain Crystals has released two high-reflective thin-film coatings for demanding beam steering tasks in Ti:S ultrafast laser applications.

The company's Alpine Research Optics brand B-Max series mirrors support very short pulse width (10fs or less) Ti:S systems by providing high reflectivity (>99.8 per cent) over a broad (735nm to 880nm) spectral range. The new E-Max high reflectors are optimised for systems in which high-pulse energy damage threshold is a primary concern, and operate over the spectral range of 770nm to 840nm. B-Max and E-Max series coatings are both designed to minimise group velocity dispersion (GVD) and third order dispersion (TOD) to maintain close to a transform-limited pulse performance in ultrafast laser systems.  

Both coatings are available for 0° and 45° angle of incidence operation, and are available on 25mm (1-inch) and 50mm (2-inch) diameter fused silica substrates. In addition to these standard components, Saint-Gobain Crystals can readily customise these coatings for centre wavelength, bandwidth and dispersion characteristics, and can also fabricate these mirrors on a broad range of custom substrate materials and sizes.