Ti:Sapphire Product Line

Saint-Gobain Crystals has expanded its range of Titanium:Sapphire (Ti:S) products to include aperture dimensions as small as 1mm, for use in compact laser oscillators. 

These smaller dimensions are delivered without compromising the high figure of merit, superior geometric tolerances, excellent waverfront distortion, and flatness (<λ/10). 

Ti:S is a relatively low gain material, so it is important to maximise the figure of merit – the ratio of absorption coefficient at the pump wavelength to the absorption at the centre emission wavelength.  This requires optimising the valence of the Ti ions, which Saint-Gobain is able to do through the company’s patented thermal annealing process. 

Typical figure of merit values for Saint-Gobain Ti:S crystals are around 400, with values up to 1,000 available on request for selected products.  The crystals are available with polished facets at Brewster’s angle or normal incidence.  These facets can be supplied uncoated or coated with an optional high damage threshold broadband anti-reflection coating.