Chatarra laser

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Laser Support Services has launched the CW and pulsed (including femtosecond option) laser Chatarra, from Del Mar Photonics. It is available in two main all-solid-state options: diode pumped or 1.9µm Tm fiber laser pumped.

A mid-infrared laser based on Cr2+ doped into ZnSe broadly tuneable around 2.5µm, it is available with fixed frequency (FF), narrow tuneable (NT), or widely tuneable (WT) options. The laser is tuneable over 600nm from 2.2µm to 2.8µm and delivers up to 6W of the output radiation.


Chatarra is a powerful new source of laser radiation in the MWIR range, which is robust, compact, solid-state, and operates at room temperature.


It meets the need for a low-cost, reliable, mid-IR laser and the laser can be used in a variety of applications including scientific, industrial and environmental, as well as security and defence.