Antaris sensors

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Alrad is distributing the LAP Antaris range of laser non-contact displacement sensors, which work by the triangulation principle of measurement.

Depending on sensor combination and placement, users may measure thickness, width, height, length, straightness, flatness, profile or diameter. Based on a Digital Signal Processor (DSP), the intelligent sensor controls the exposure of the CCD and the output power of the laser source. Because of this control the LAP laser sensors measure extremely quickly and precisely, even if surface characteristics like colour or reflectivity are changing. Virtually all materials can be measured, even hot and glowing surfaces. Parameters like measurement speed or filters are handled directly in the sensor's DSP.

Optaris M is a family of laser light section sensors. They measure the height profile of an object by projecting a laser line on its surface, which is captured by a camera element from a specific angle. All geometrical changes in the surface, like edges, angles, gaps, grooves or curvatures generate deformations of the straight line from the camera's angle of view. The real coordinates can be calculated by the size of the deviation. For objects moving through the measuring field this process produces a complete 3D height profile.