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Alrad can now supply Eldim’s range of cooled digital cameras, video photometers, colorimeters and inspection systems.

The products are used for testing solutions, based on high performances CCD cameras, proprietary optics and advanced user-friendly software. Eldim’s products can be used for homogeneity measurement and luminance, chromaticity, radiance and polarisation. Also available are systems for the full analysis of temporal behaviour such as response time, flicker, grey and grey level response time, gamma curve and target imaging. While Eldim’s FPDDrive generates digital graphic patterns with fully programmable timing and resolution.

Eldim products are used by flat panel display, communications, and scientific companies worldwide as part of their research and development and manufacturing quality control processes. Originally founded in 1991 Eldim is located in Herouville Saint Clair, France. Eldim’s core business is focused on manufacturing spheres, aspheres and windows up to 150-200mm diameter, in both visible and IR ranges.