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Antireflective filters and coatings for thermography

Jenoptik's Optical Systems division has introduced a new line of multiband, multispectral antireflective filters and coatings, designed for the next generation of thermographic applications, such as hyperspectral image fusion, multispectral single aperture optical systems and spectral gas analysis. The use of single apertures for multiple wavelengths enables lighter, smaller optical solutions for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) and other weight and size limited applications. Multispectral image fusion reduces the occurrence of false positives in surveillance and target acquisition applications.

The new multispectral AR and filter coatings have been designed by Jenoptik to meet customer requirements for screening and transmitting wavelengths that are far apart from each other in the spectral range. The design and production process significantly reduces the coating’s stress, and meets durability and adhesion specifications as per MIL-C-48497. Components and coatings of this new product line can be produced in a wide range of varieties tailored to the specific requirements of customers.


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