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Volcano Laser Optics

Jenoptik Laser Systems, and its Innovent subsidiary, has introduced the new Volcano laser optics module, which creates a homogenous 200m long laser line for the crystallisation process of 50nm thick silicon layers.

Crystallisation of 50nm silicon films is an important application for the manufacturing of thin film transistors for LCD and OLED displays. Particularly outstanding is the extremely uniform crystallisation, which is required for OLED displays and which can be achieved with the Volcano laser line.

The 200mm long line allows to the manufacture of mobile displays up to 15-inches in size with high throughput and at low costs. A 5–10μm wide Volcano laser line for production of thin film silicon solar cells is presently under evaluation. The investigations focus on the creation of crystalline seed layers of 50nm thickness for the design of highly efficient 2μm thin film cells.

A specially-adapted Volcano optical system allows laser doping of crystalline solar cells. Green laser technology is particularly suited for localised doping of the semiconductor layer below the contact fingers in order to increase cell efficiency.


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