AOM110 series of manual optical mounts

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Aerotech has added manual optical mounts to its Fast Delivery Service guaranteeing a five-day turnaround for urgent orders with no extra costs incurred.

The AOM110 series covers eight models for optical component diameter/thickness capability from 50.8 mm/12.7 mm to 304.8 mm/53.85 mm. A patented manual positioning screw provides ultra-fine position control with sub arc-second resolution, and the robust frame provides high vibration resistance and excellent thermal stability.

Ball bearing gimbal pivots and spring based preload ensures low stiction, backlash free motion over the full travel range and permits mounting in any plane, including upside-down. An improved non-marring component clamp screw and rotating clip allows rigid placement of optical components and a modified base design allows transmission of larger diameter beams at a 45┬░incidence.