PRO series linear stages

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Aerotech has launched its low-cost PRO series range of linear stages, offering a total of 68 standard models featuring travel from 50mm to 1500mm, and a choice of four stage widths from 115mm to 280mm. The modular range features Aerotech's hard cover/side-seal system that provides entire stage protection for arduous manufacturing environments such as laser machining. With high-load capacity linear motion guide bearings and servomotor driven precision ballscrews, available in normal or 'faster' pitches for speeds over 1.4m/s, the range is well suited to demanding multi-axis positioning applications across manufacturing and test.

The PRO series has been designed as an adaptable family of positioning stages that allow OEMs and system integrators to select and mix models to exactly match their machine building requirements. For typical applications the 115mm and 165mm narrow width stages may be used for upper axes and the wide-base 225mm and 280mm wide stages fulfilling load bearing support in lower axes. In reality, almost any combination for multi-axis positioning is possible with X-Y combinations from just 50 x 50mm, and gantry style multi-axis designs to beyond 1.5m travel. Longer, custom designed travel options for each width are also possible where flat mounting and adequate stage support can be maintained.