Argos Models 2400-SF-15 and 2400-SF-5

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Aculight Corporation and Koheras have launched an expanded family of the Argos continuous-wave (CW) optical parametric oscillators(OPOs).


The line now includes high- and lower-power single frequency and broadband versions tailored to accommodate applications such as spectroscopy, atom trapping and chemical sensing.


Argos is a family of fibre-laser-pumped OPOs that provides continuous tuning from 1.4 to 2µm and from 2.3 to 3.9µm using three interchangeable, pre-aligned, wavelength converter modules. It is offered in four configurations.


Argos Models 2400-SF-15 and 2400-SF-5 have been designed for high-resolution mid-infrared spectroscopy. These single-frequency systems generate a minimum of 1W and 300 mW, respectively, at all wavelengths.


Argos Models 2400-BB-15 and 2400-BB-5 provide the same output powers and wavelength range, with a broader spectral linewidth. These broadband products are intended for applications where the primary requirements are wavelength coverage, power and beam quality.


All Argos systems are highly robust and can be shipped to their destinations without requiring any re-alignment or expert installation. They operate at room temperature and are compact enough for use in facilities where space is at a premium - the OPO head measures just 125 x 191 x 353mm with a 19”/ 6HU control unit.