Aspheric lenses

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Optical Surfaces is producing high-performance aspheric lenses. Using proprietary manufacturing techniques diffraction-limited optics up to 600mm in diameter are produced for the most demanding applications.

The aspheric surface profile is often used to eliminate spherical aberration and reduce other aberrations associated with simple lenses. A single aspheric lens can often provide a smaller, lighter, less-expensive alternative to a traditional complex multi-lens system.

Optical Surfaces is renowned for producing aspheric lenses in a range of high-quality optical glasses with low f-number to optimise light gathering and focusing performance. To meet the demands of high-power laser focusing, lidar and laser launch telescopes Optical Surfaces is able to manufacture aspheric lenses with surface finish of 20/10 scratch/dig, surface roughness of 1nm rms and ultra-smooth slope errors.

A range of high-power laser coatings is available to maintain high transmission and enable Optical Surfaces' aspheric lenses to operate at the ultra-high energy thresholds demanded by the terawatt lasers currently used to investigate fundamental plasma physics.

A rolling programme for the calibration of test optics to national standards, where possible, and production approval to ISO 9001-2000 ensures that the quality of aspheric lenses from Optical Surfaces is second to none.