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Coherent has released Astrella, an ultrafast, kilohertz amplifier combining high energy (>6mJ/pulse), short pulse-width (<35fs), excellent beam quality (M²<1.25) and industrial durability. The reliability of the amplifier will enable a wide range of demanding scientific applications, offering higher productivity and, hence, lower data acquisition costs. The product has a warranty package that provides coverage of up to five years.

The reliability and longevity of the Astrella platform is a direct result of Coherent’s use of a HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) verification process, a rigorous approach to quality control used to ensure high product reliability in a wide range of industries. Long term reliability is further enhanced by the overhead provided by the system sub-components; for example, the ability to operate the amplifier pump laser far below rated diode current levels provides high operating overhead in output power and diode lifetime.

The amplifier is intended for a broad range of applications including ultrafast spectroscopy and pump-probe studies in photochemistry, solid-state research and biology. Its ability to operate continuously for long periods of uninterrupted data acquisition makes it ideal for exacting applications where data runs can exceed 24 hours.