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Quantum optics experiments often require cryogenic temperatures combined with optical access. Most experimental setups contain numerous optical elements delicately arranged on an optical table to shape and prepare the incident light, as well as to efficiently collect and convert the emitted light from the sample. The available space on the optical table is in such cases paramount to many complex setups.

In this aspect the revolutionary concept of the attoDRY800 comes to bear: it consists of an ultra-low vibration cold breadboard platform extensively integrated into an optical table, hence making use of the before often unused space underneath it. This unique design ensures unobstructed optical access to the cold sample from all directions on the optical table via 4 side and 1 top optical window. Apochromatic objectives with high numerical aperture (NA=0.81-0.95) can either be integrated into the cryostat, into the vacuum shroud, or put in close working distance next to the optical windows from the outside. This ensures extremely low drifts and optimal collection efficiency.

The closed-cycle attoDRY800 is the perfect replacement for all flow cryostat setups, with the huge advantage that it requires no liquid cryogens, thus minimizing running costs. In addition, a fully automated temperature control between 4 and 350 K conveniently enables unattended long measurement cycles.

While most other off-the-shelf closed-cycle cryostats suffer from severe vibrations at the sample location, special care was taken during the development of the attoDRY800 to keep the displacements to a maximum of 1 nm (RMS) by a special patented vibration isolation technology. Hence, even extremely sensitive measurements are possible. The attoDRY800’s cold breadboard sample space is predestined to host several of attocube’s patented nanopositioners, as well as complete microscope or photonic probe station solutions.