ECS positioning series

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Focusing on the needs of today's nanotechnology industry for highly precise, reliable, and equally cost-effective positioning systems, Attocube systems has released its ECS positioning series. The ECS product range consists of a variety of piezo-based linear, rotational, and goniometric positioning units. They simply can be mounted on top of each other in order to achieve multi-degree of freedom motion devices.

All ECS positioning units can optionally be equipped with an opto-numeric position encoder, with a position resolution of 1 nm for linear and 10/1 μ° for rotational/goniometric positioners, respectively. A compact three axes drive electronics, the ECC100, allows the user to operate the positioning units in both, open and closed-loop, mode. State of the art interfacing, such as USB, TCP/IP and EPICS via Ethernet, TTL and AquadB triggers, dll and LabVIEWTM enable the implementation of the positioning units in almost all applications.

All ECS stages are equipped with the finest quality crossed roller bearings. These make the positioning units mechanically robust and capable of handling significantly larger loads than conventional piezo-based drive units. At the same time, the guiding errors of the positioning stages are within less than a micron (runouts) and 0.1 mrad (tilt, pitch, yaw), making the stages compatible with the most demanding positioning applications.

The ECS series of positioners is dedicated for the operation at ambient conditions. Stainless-steel versions of the positioners and appropriate vacuum performance for operation in high-vacuum and ultra-high vacuum exist as well (optional).