Avantes, a manufacturer of fibre optic spectroscopy instruments and systems, has introduced its smallest instrument ever, the AvaSpec-Micro.

The Micro, which measures only 38.5ml, about the size of a matchbox, will make its worldwide debut at the Laser show in Munich, Germany, from 13 to 16 May.

This newest addition to the CompactLine family of spectrometers comes soon after the launch of the AvaSpec-Mini. The new AvaSpec-Micro is only 30 per cent of the size of the Mini.

It boasts a resolution of up to 0.8nm with a 2500 pixel detector. Available wavelength ranges are 370 to 750nm for visible light and 225 to 850nm for UV/VIS measurements.

Benno Oderkerk, Avantes' founder and CEO, said: 'We're really giving a new meaning to 'miniature spectrometer'. This device fits in any application, any location. My vision of having a spectrometer the size of a watch is getting closer every day.'

The AvaSpec-Micro is suitable for OEM applications and is powered by a standard USB 2.0 connection, which is also used for data transfer. For industry applications, four configurable digital I/O ports are available. It weighs only 58 grams, and comes standard with a 20 micrometer entrance slit.