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VueMetrix has released DiodeGuard to protect diode lasers against cascade failure. This commonly occurs when a diode in the series shorts, causing an instantaneous drop in the forward bias voltage of the string of diodes. With a switched mode power supply, this instantaneous drop in voltage results in a current surge that can destroy the remaining diodes.

DiodeGuard is designed to prevent these incidents from affecting the entire diode string. It protects against system downtime, offering customers the ability to reduce the overall cost of ownership.

It is available exclusively with the VueMetrix’s new Vue-MV-21 laser diode controller. Based on the VueMetrix laser diode control platform, this new high-power, low-noise controller allows increased power at 10A, 21V operation.

The Vue-MV-21’s laser diode system control features allow customers to accelerate their product development by using use the same platform for development and the final product. The VueMetrix microprocessor based platform includes customisable power current and operating temperature limits; and it can be operated via RS-232, USB or analog inputs in either CW or pulsed mode. The Vue-MV-21 is available in both OEM and stand-alone configurations.