Fibre Optic Multiplexers

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Avantes, a manufacturer of fibre optic spectroscopy instruments and systems, has released the next generation of fibre optic multiplexers (FOM). They are faster, more reliable and quieter than ever before. The FOM easily integrates to Avantes' advanced spectroscopy software AvaSoft.

Fibre optic multiplexers enable single or multiple light sources and spectrometers to make multi-point serial measurements. This new generation now features USB 2.0, complete integration into AvaSoft and full Avantes DLL support.

All next generation Fibre Optic Multiplexers are supplied with the new broadband fibres exclusive to Avantes. Broadband fibres combine the advantages of high OH solarisation resistant fibre for the UV with low OH fiber for the NIR.  

Broadband fibre is a huge leap forward for fibre optic spectroscopy applications which have historically been forced to choose between UV/VIS and NIR fibre or combine two types of fibre into an assembly, making it more costly and complex.