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In order to provide customers with a wider range of applications in the near infrared range, from 1000nm up to 2.2µm, Avantes has extended its spectrometer platform with the AvaSpec-NIR256. The NIR spectrometer combines high-speed data acquisition and processing, multi-channel output, and additional new interfaces, providing a highly flexible experiment setup.

The AvaSpec-NIR256 is available with two different InGaAs detector types: a non-cooled version for applications up to 1.7µm; and a two-stage peltier cooled extended InGaAs detector, covering a range up to 2.2µm. The AvaSpec-NIR256 has 256 pixels and can be combined with all other AvaSpec USB 2.0 platform spectrometers in the UV/VIS range to make a multi-channel spectrometer system that covers a wide range from 200nm to 2.2µm.

A high-speed USB 2.0 interface is included in the AvaSpec-NIR256 to enable sampling of 940 spectra per second with on-board averaging and a data-transfer of 1.56ms. Additional interfaces such as 12 digital output, three digital input, two analogue input, and two analogue output are standard features allowing the AvaSpec-NIR256 to act as a stand-alone spectrometer for process control applications. RS-232 interface and wireless data communication via Bluetooth are also available.