AvaLight DH-BAL

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Avantes has introduced a newly developed light source, AvaLight DH-BAL, for its extensive AvaSpec Spectrometers line. The new development allows a significant increase in the dynamic ranges of its existing instruments.

It eliminates the D-alpha line at 655 nm which has been problematic for users of deuterium sources due to its tendency to saturate detectors. In addition, the intensity of the halogen portion of the spectrum can be adjusted to provide users with the capability to further balance the spectral properties of the AvaLight for a given application.

The AvaLight -DH-BAL includes a shutter that can be operated manually or via TTL signal from the Avantes spectrometer platform. AvaLight -DH-BAL can be used from 200-2500nm and is available as a deuterium-only source.

Combined with Avantes’ AvaSpec spectrometers, the sources are suitable for a wide variety of spectroscopy applications including reflectance, transmittance, absorption, fluorescence, and irradiance measurements.