Avantes has added an optical bench design to the AvaSpec family of fibrer optic spectrometers.

The optical bench has a dual internal modestripper along with multiple CPCs (Compound Parabolic Concentrators) to further reduce straylight levels to fewer than 0.04 per cent, which equates to an improvement of a factor of 2.5 over competitive instruments.

Along with the straylight improvement the new optical bench design features a much higher rigidity resulting in a factor of 20 decrease in strain sensitivity caused by microbending.

The new optical bench (Avabench-75-ULS) is integrated into the new AvaSpec-2048- ULS, that is available in a variety of slit and grating configurations covering the range from 200-1,100nm and featuring a 2,048 pixel detector array for high resolution applications.

The low straylight performance of the Avabench-75-ULS and AvaSpec 2048-ULS is extremely useful in applications where high absorbance parameters need to be measured, such as those associated with high chemical concentrations, high optical density optics or long optical pathlengths. The new optical bench and spectrometer are available for OEM integration in other systems as well as for purchase as individual instruments.