Avia 355-23

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The new Avia 355-23 from Coherent delivers more than 23W of q-switched output at 355nm. Based on the popular Avia platform, this laser delivers 15 per cent more power than previous models and supports higher pulse repetition rates. For end users, this improved performance means faster processing times and a lower cost per part.

The Avia 355-23 features short pulse duration, excellent beam quality and high pulse-to-pulse energy stability – all factors that contribute to superior precision and uniformity in materials processing applications. This new laser also supports repetition rates of up to 300kHz, making it compatible with high-speed systems. The laser’s frequency-tripling component now has a predicted lifetime of providing stable output power for more than 22,000 hours.

The Avia 355-23 is suitable for high-throughput micromachining applications, such as dicing and scribing silicon and low-K semiconductors, as well as via-hole drilling in printed circuit boards and flip chips. Other applications include solar cell micromachining, chip singulation and direct patterning of thin films. It is fully RoHS-compliant.