VersaLaser and Professional Laser systems

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ES Technology is distributing the range of Universal Laser Systems' (ULS) products for non-contact engraving, cutting and marking using CO2 lasers. ULS lasers can handle a variety of materials and they can be used in many different applications and industries.

ULS has recently upgraded the Versa Laser series (VLS) and the Professional Laser series (PLS) to automatically recognise accessories when they are attached. For example, the laser systems automatically adjust their focus when a cutting table is attached to compensate for the change in beam range.

The VLS systems have a working area of 406 x 304mm, and output powers of 10, 25, 30, 40 or 50W. The PLS systems have working areas of 609 x 304mm, 609 x 457mm, and 812 x  457mm, with up to 120W of output power. Both series are compatible with all ULS air-cooled quick change laser cartridges.