AVIA 355-23-250

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The AVIA 355-23-250 from Coherent offers one of the highest pulse repetition rates of any Q-switched ultraviolet laser, making it a solution for high speed integrated circuit die singulation with high yields. 


This new laser can deliver more than 8W of 355nm output at repetition rates of 250kHz and higher. The combination of high average power and high pulse repetition rate translates directly into high process throughput with minimal silicon microcracking.


The AVIA-355-23-250 can provide output tailored for both scribing and dicing. Thanks to PulseEQ the laser can deliver low pulse energy at a 250kHz repetition rate, which is ideal for gently scribing through the thin (typically 10 micron) epitaxial circuitry layers. 


It can also be operated at lower repetition rates, with pulse energies as high as 80mJ, making it a tool for dicing (cutting) through the wafer itself. Because of fully automated active optimisation functions such as PulseEQ, ThermEQ and PosiLock, the pulse repetition rate and pulse energy can be rapidly changed with no effect on the laser’s beam quality (M2<1.3), high pulse to pulse energy stability (noise <5 per cent rms at 70kHz), and beam pointing.


The AVIA 355-23-250 is the ideal tool for high-throughput micromachining applications, such as scribing low-κ semiconductors, dicing thin memory chips, and via hole drilling in printed circuit boards. Other applications include solar cell micromachining and direct patterning of thin films.