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On-axis parabolic mirrors

Optical Surfaces offers a complete manufacturing and test capability to produce on-axis parabolic mirrors up to 600mm (24 inches) in diameter. All on-axis parabolic mirrors are manufactured to customer specifications and are supplied with full surface quality test data.

Parabolic mirrors are free from spherical aberrations and focus parallel beams to a point or point source to infinity. On-axis parabolic mirrors offer some advantages compared to off-axis paraboloids in that the achievable f-number is higher therefore allowing more energy to be concentrated. Also the alignment of on-axis parabolic mirrors is less critical, thus easier.

Using proprietary production techniques – Optical Surfaces’ production team is able to produce fast-focussing on-axis parabolic mirrors with a surface accuracy better than lambda/10 P-V and smoothness of 20/10 scratch/dig.


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