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Tuner power meter

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Gentec Electro-Optics has announced its Tuner power meter, compatible with all thermopile detectors. The Tuner offers a 77 x 58mm LCD display, an fast tuning needle (<1 second response time), and low power consumption (300 hours with four AA batteries).

The monitor features simple navigation, giving direct access to a number of unique functions using the keys on the front panel. The screen is split in two; the upper part is a standard numerical display, the lower part a fast and accurate digital tuning needle.

The high/low feature enables the minimum and maximum readings to be marked with a blinking needle and the values reported on the numerical display. This mode is intended for tuning the laser to its maximum over a long period.

The tail mode follows the movement of the needle. The faster the movement of the needle, the wider the tail. This mode gives a good indication of the speed the power is changing.

Finally, a display mode fills the tuning display with needle bars up to the active needle, which is easier to read at a distance.