Ophir-Spiricon has released BeamGage, which is its next generation of laser beam analysis systems.

BeamGage is based on UltraCal, Ophir-Spiricon's patented baseline correction algorithm that helped establish the ISO 11146-3 standard for beam measurement accuracy. 

BeamGage provides high accuracy results, guaranteeing the data baseline (zero-point reference) is accurate to 1/8th of a digital count on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

BeamGage features BeamMaker, a beam simulator that enables users to numerically model expected results and confirm that their beam will be measured accurately, even before the beam experiment is constructed.

BeamGage also provides a unique Auto Aperture camera control function that allows for faster application setup. The software also provides the widest range of calculations and supports custom algorithms to provide the best fit for individual applications.