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Ophir Photonics has announced the newest version of its BeamGage. BeamGage is a beam profiling system that performs data acquisition and analysis of laser beam parameters, such as beam size, shape, uniformity, divergence, mode content, and expected power distribution.

The new version adds custom computations to expand the software's image processing capabilities, allowing laser manufacturers and researchers to import their own custom algorithms. Once imported, users can apply BeamGage's more than 55 advanced measurement and statistical analysis functions including fast, off-axis correction of distorted beam images; trend charting; data logging; power/energy calibration; and pass/fail production testing.

Based on the patented UltraCal baseline correction algorithm, BeamGage includes all the formulas and calculations needed to make ISO approved laser beam measurements. The custom calculations function expands the software’s functionality to an even wider array of applications, from fibre optic signal analysis to production parts inspection to military targeting systems. BeamGage supports 2D and 3D viewing of real-time results, NIST traceable power measurements, and a wide variety of CCD cameras, including the 11 megapixel, 35mm format USB L11059 Large Format Beam Profiling Camera.