BeamGage 5.7

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Spiricon has announced BeamGage 5.7, the latest version of its laser beam analysis software. The system adds new advanced image processing features, including fast, off-axis correction of distorted beam images. It supports Ophir's popular laser power meters - Pulsar, Nova II, Vega, and Juno, as well as 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.

In addition, BeamGage is now a multilingual platform, adding native language support for English, Japanese and Chinese, plus compatibility with the German Microsoft Windows environments.

BeamGage provides a way to quickly detect and correct the skew of an image when the camera angle is offset form the line of sight of the laser beam it is measuring. Based on a sophisticated image compression algorithm, BeamGage can correct off-axis beam images that are angled up to 45° from the perpendicular line of the laser. This provides additional flexibility, which is especially needed for applications that are set up in restrictive spaces.