MAXscanlaser and HandyPROBE

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Creaform has released its MAXscanlaser scanner for large parts scanning, and the HandyPROBE arm-free CMM.

The MAXscan is a portable and handheld laser scanner featuring the Handyscan 3D technology, combined with large-scale photogrammetry optimisation capabilities. This scanner has been developed for the sole purpose of bringing large parts data acquisition with a high accuracy for a 2-in-1 device. Most useful for 3D scanning, inspection and reverse engineering of large parts, the MAXscan's benefits combine high accuracy on large parts with limitless working volume, merge-free, one-step process as well as the ease of use and versatility of the Handyscan 3D line-up.

The HandyPROBE probing system relies on a combination of advanced photogrammetry and powerful digital image processing, and is powered by the C-Track 780 dual-camera sensor. The HandyPROBE is an inspection-dedicated tool featuring portability, total freedom of movement, automatic alignment setup, measurement range volume extension and ease of use.