Black-Comet-HR spectrometer

StellarNet has introduced the Black-Comet-HR spectrometer. Designed for high resolution applications, the spectrometer is available for measurements in two ranges – UV (200-600nm) and visible (380-750nm) – and achieves resolving resolutions of 0.4nm.

This 16-bit concave grating spectrometer is USB2 powered, shock-proof and vibration tolerant with no moving parts, includes the powerful SpectraWiz spectrometer software and development kit.

The Black-Comet spectrometers utilise a holographic concave grating with aberration correction to provide superb spectral imaging. This significantly improves spectral shapes by reducing comma and astigmatism found in all other plane grating miniature spectrometer designs. The flat field spectrograph architecture does not utilise mirrors and therefore reduces stray light effects while providing uniform resolution across the entire spectral range.