Blue-Wave Spectrometers

StellarNet has released its Blue-Wave Spectrometers, which measure in the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength ranges from 190-1,150nm.  

15 models provide configurations for a variety of spectral ranges and resolutions with dispersive optics imaging to a 2,048 element CCD detector array. The instruments have SMA-905 fibre optic input with a high speed USB-2 computer interface. An integrated 16-bit digitiser and spectral memory produce a signal to noise of 1000:1 with fast conversion times down to 1ms.  

The Blue-Wave is robust, using a vibration tolerant modular design with no moving parts or sockets for extreme reliability. Up to eight instruments can be run simultaneously via a USB hub. Powered by USB, the instruments can be externally triggered for demanding applications such as LIBS. Its small size and weight is perfect for portable and OEM applications.

Measurement applications include spectroradiometry for emission wavelength monitoring and characterisation of LEDs and tunable lasers, chemical analysis via absorbance and fluorescence, colour QC via reflectance, thin film thickness measurements, transmission analysis of optics, and fibre optic sensing.