BraggStar M

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The BraggStar M from Coherent delivers high pulse energy and superior spatial coherence for fibre Bragg grating (FBG) writing.

High pulse energy is a critical advantage in some FBG writing applications, and high spatial coherence is always beneficial since it enables creation of FBGs with higher contrast and/or longer length. And because it can be operated at repetition rates of up to 100Hz, the BraggStar M supports high throughput production of FBGs.

The BraggStar M uses a coherence-enhanced optical design at the dominant FBG-writing wavelength of 248nm, resulting in significantly higher spatial coherence compared to conventional, broad-use excimer lasers. This new laser also features the twin advantages of a compact design and ease of operation. Moreover, the new BraggStar M is based on the field-proven COMPex platform that is specifically designed for high reliability.

The BraggStar M is ideal for creating FBGs for a broad range of applications. These include reflectors in fibre lasers and reference wavelength stabilisation in wavelength division multiplex (WDM) telecom apps, as well as fibre sensing applications.