63xx series 10W and 8.5W NIR multi-mode diode lasers

JDSU have released the 63xx series near-infrared (NIR), high brightness, multi-mode diode lasers, offering 10W of continuous-wave power at 915nm, 940nm or 976nm from a 100µm aperture.

The 63xx series diode lasers represent an advancement in high CW optical power and ultra-high brightness. JDSU claims that, due to their small emitting aperture and low beam divergence, the 63xx series are the highest brightness family of CW diode lasers available in the industry.

Incorporating MOCVD quantum well structures and utilising low thermal resistance epi-down chip mounting in the 63xx series results in minimum junction temperature at high optical power. Low junction temperature and low thermal resistance extend the lifetime and increase the reliability of these diodes. The low thermal-resistance, electrically isolated sub-mounting also allows for easy integration into user systems.

JDSU have also released a higher power version of the 24xx series 808nm, high-brightness multi-mode diode laser with 8.5W of power from a 200µm emitter. The 24xx series is offered in industry standard 'C-mount' packages, TO-56 and SOT-148 package as well as high heat load planar substrates.

Both these lasers have been developed in industry standard packaging formats and leverage JDSU's telecom-grade design and processes to provide high performing, reliable and power efficient solutions for OEMs. The lasers are distributed in the UK by Photonic Solutions.