BrightLine Laser Dichroic Beamsplitters

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Semrock has announced its new line of BrightLine Laser Dichroic Beamsplitters  to the market place.

Super-resolution imaging systems are highly sensitive to optical wavefront distortion and demand the highest quality components. To address the needs of this market, Semrock developed technology leading to the introduction of laser dichroic beamsplitters with λ/10 flatness. These new catalog products are offered on 3mm thick glass to reduce sensitivity to mounting stress in custom optical systems. Designed and manufactured to have extremely high flatness, these dichroic beamsplitters minimise the reflected wavefront distortion, thereby maximising both the signal and the signal-to-noise ratio in super-resolution microscopes.

For setups in which maximising the switching speed or minimising the beam shift in transmission is critical, Semrock  significantly improved its 1mm thick BrightLine laser dichroic beamsplitters to λ/2 flatness. These industry leading optics are compatible with popular microscopy filter cubes and improve the performance of laser based confocal and TIRF illumination systems. They are also ideal for reflecting imaging beams in conventional structured-illumination techniques as well as patterned illumination systems for localised photo-activation. These dichroic beamsplitters allow the use of much larger diameter illumination beams, offering researchers and instrument developers more flexibility in system design with no compromise to overall performance.