Filters for fluorescence imaging

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Semrock has released four new optical filter sets for fluorescence imaging, which enable the choice of substantially increased brightness or enhanced contrast when imaging the ubiquitous fluorescent labels fluorescein (FITC) and green fluorescent protein (GFP). These new BrightLine filter sets allow the user to either minimise photobleaching while increasing image contrast, or receive a light boost for a noticeably brighter image, particularly in low-concentration applications such as single-molecule imaging. The single-band filter sets GFP-1828-A and FITC-2024-A offer the highest contrast of filter sets available today, while the GFP-4050-A and FITC-5050-A sets give the user the highest brightness among sets optimised for these fluorophores.

Semrock will continue to offer the current and highly popular BrightLine GFP and FITC sets, offering the most optimal balance of brightness and contrast for most applications in a single three-filter set. The new filter sets simply extend the performance in both directions, offering users a complete range of performance for the same price. Semrock's hard-coated filter manufacturing process ensures permanent performance with no burn-out even under intense illumination conditions.