Broadband and high energy mirrors

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Newport Corporation has introduced two advanced performance mirror products: ultra-broadband dielectric mirrors and Nd:YAG laser mirrors. Both new advanced thin film coated mirror products are designed to deliver improved performance, stability, and durability for applications that require endurance in harsh environments or that need to withstand higher laser pulse energy.

Newport’s ultra-broadband mirrors are coated via an ion beam sputtering (IBS) process with multi-layers of dielectric materials. They provide greater than 99 per cent reflection and are highly stable over a broad wavelength range. The BB.1 coated mirror covers the UV to visible wavelengths (350-700nm) and functions well in many new analytical systems where there are several diode lasers integrated that may require reflectivity over a wide spectrum of the laser light.

The BB.2 coated mirror is an economical version of Newport’s super broadband, ultrafast mirror for the Ti:Sapphire laser and covers the visible to near IR wavelength spectrum from 650-1,130nm. It is ideal for users who are not concerned about the group velocity dispersion effect on the laser pulse. Both ultra-broadband mirror products are designed to operate within 0 to 50 degrees angle of incidence. The special coating is designed to withstand a higher damage threshold over a wide wavelength range, compared to normal dielectric mirrors.

Newport’s new high-energy Nd:YAG laser mirrors with HE.1 and HE.2 coatings are manufactured using high purity fused silica substrates and ultra hard IBS coatings. They are available in 25.4mm diameter for the fundamental 1064nm, and the frequency-doubled 532nm laser lines. The unique combination of the IBS coating technique and the highly durable fused silica substrate material used in these mirrors permits them to withstand the energy fluence of as high as 40J/cm² at 1064nm and 8J/cm² at 532nm, respectively.