Broadened selection of diode lasers

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Modulight has broadened its selection of laser diode products by releasing a series of high-power single-emitter C-mounted lasers. The series covers standard wavelengths, across the 630-1550nm range. Modulight lasers at these wavelengths have found their way to applications in medical, industrial, defence and research activities already since 2008.

The C-mounted lasers can embed most of the Modulight's high-power multimode single-emitter products, offering broad wavelength and power level coverage. Currently, the following wavelengths and power levels are offered by the company as standard products: 635nm at 500mW; 650nm at 1W; 808nm 5W; 1470nm at 1.5W; and 1550nm at 1W. These lasers are all rated for CW operation, but are well suited also for a number of high-power pulsed applications. Open mount design with easy access to optical path is well suited to application testing, prototyping and integration of multi-emitter modules.