LimeLight laser systems

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Modulight, a laser manufacturer based in Tampere, Finland and San Jose, CA, has announced the release of its renewed LimeLight laser systems, offering what it describes as the smallest form factor RGB laser solution in the industry.

The systems produce 1W output power at 635nm, 532nm and 465nm from only three-inch by three-inch footprint. While the well-known Modulight LimeLight platform has been cut to half in volume, it houses even more functionalities and offers unbeaten spread of wavelength from visible 465nm to NIR 1550nm and optical output power from 500mW to 30W.

Modulight's LimeLight laser system platform is a perfect solution for laser systems integrators in a number of applications from life science to display and laser projection.

With its simple standard interfaces and integrated control and cooling solutions, it offers a very low integration cost and easy use. The standard LimeLight systems come with an SMA-905 receptacle fibre output, integrated driver, and cooling controller and a smart on/off switch.