TO-Can Laser Test System

Yelo has designed a burn-in system to test the reliability of TO-Can laser diodes. The new TO-Can Laser Test System reduces the time taken to stabilise devices at test temperature, and provides even temperature control across all devices.

As standard, all Yelo laser burn-in systems automatically take LIV measurements during the tests and save the data. Extensive graphing is built into the GUI software, which means there is no need for time-consuming post data analysis. Secure remote access allows test engineers to see the data without leaving their desks. Constant current and constant power modes are standard in the software.

Two models of the TO-Can Laser Test System are available, each unique in its testing environment and functionality. The Laboratory Tester model can be used to lifetest devices and improve test recipes. The Production Tester is used as a simple pass‐fail test system in manufacturing environment.