CCD UV spectrometers

Mightex Systems now offers compact CCD UV spectrometers featuring a 3,648 pixel CCD array and 100mm Czerny-Turner optical platform. The spectrometer covers a range from 200-400nm and a resolution as low as 0.15nm is achievable with interchangeable entrance slit sizes from 5µm to 200µm.

The optical design allows for high temperature stability, and a low signal noise of 1000:1 with frame averaging. The design is small and portable with a weight of 510g measuring 138 x 108 x 36.5mm. Included with the spectrometer is a fully featured user friendly software along with an SDK and USB protocol for embedded systems. Wavelength calibrations come standard, and an absolute irradiance calibration can also be ordered to use the spectrometer to measure the intensity of the signal.