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Optek Technology has developed a cost-effective reflective object sensor with three different lead options. The OPB609 consists of an infrared LED and NPN silicon phototransistor mounted side-by-side on parallel axes.

Typical applications for the reflective object sensor include assembly line and machine automation, machine safety, end-of-travel sensing and door sensing, as well as edge, paper jam and mark detection.

The OPB609 Series reflective sensor is available with axial, gull wing or right angle lead configurations. The epoxy package spectrally matched to IR wavelengths of 940nm, and cutting wavelengths of less than 840nm. The phototransistor features a collector-emitter voltage of 30V and emitter-collector voltage of 5V. Collector DC current is 50mA, with a power dissipation rating of 75mW.

The 940nm infrared LED has a maximum forward voltage of 1.7V and a reverse DC voltage of 5V. Forward DC current is 50mA, with a maximum reverse current of 10µA and peak forward current of 1A. Power dissipation rating is 75mW. Operating temperature range for the object sensor is –25-85°C.