Chameleon Vision

Coherent has released the Chameleon Vision, which is a fully-integrated laser source for Multiphoton Excitation (MPE) microscopy that delivers both high image quality and ease of use.

This is achieved because the Chameleon Vision combines the a wide tuning range, high group velocity dispersion (GVD) compensation, high power, excellent pointing stability, and a small footprint for a true one-box MPE light source.

In particular, the high (47,000 fs2) GVD compensation means the Chameleon Vision can correct for the large GVD found in microscopes with many highly dispersive elements. Plus, the GVD compensation is fully adjustable across the entire dynamic range, even to zero, for maximum flexibility. Versatility is further enhanced by the extended wavelength tuning range (680 to 1,080nm), which enables optimum excitation of red fluorophores such as m-cherry. And the high output power (greater than 2.5W) means the laser output can be optimised for both shallow and deep tissue imaging.