Chromatis for GDD measurements

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Altechna Metrology laboratory has started providing group delay dispersion (GDD) measurements in optical components in the range from 500 nm to 1650 nm. For such measurements we use KMLabs instrument Chromatis that quickly and accurately characterizes the full dispersive properties of optical components and coatings. Carefully managing optical dispersion is critical for optimal performance of ultrafast laser systems, multi-layer mirrors, and multiple quantum well structures.

Four measurement modes are available: 0° Angle of Incidence (AOI) in Reflection; 5° - 70° AOI in Reflection; 0° -70° AOI in Transmission; and Mirror pair measurement with variable AOI (6° -54°).

Measurement report includes Group Delay and Group Delay Dispersion curves for s and p polarizations, user also could select to show third and fourth order dispersion curves on the graph.