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MPLS180 sensor

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The MPLS180 sensor, available from Armstrong Optical, allows fast, high-resolution 3D scanning of surfaces for all types of applications - ranging from wrinkles on skin to complete, populated, printed circuit boards.

By extending the principle of Chromatic Confocal Imaging from a point sensor into a line composed of several hundred points, The MPLS180 can be used either as a line-scan system, where 3D profiling is achieved by the movement of the object surface (for example on a production line) or, by the addition of a flapper mirror and f-theta lens system, a complete 3D area scan can be performed on a stationary object.

Two versions of the MPLS180 are available – one with a scan field of  around 2mm x 2mm, the other with a scan field of  around 50mm x 50mm. With both versions 3D data from the complete scan field can be obtained in less than 0.2 seconds.

The MPLS180 is connected to its controller system via a fibre optic link and the 3D data can be output in a variety of formats through a built-in high speed USB interface.

Application areas include surface measurement of complex objects either in isolation or on the production line in market sectors as diverse as healthcare/cosmetics/surgery, reverse engineering, microelectronics, and general shape deformation.