CL-200a photometer

Pro-Lite has launched the CL-200a from Konica Minolta, an illuminance colorimeter that provides accurate lux, CCT, chromaticity and dominant wavelength measurements, including for LEDs.

The CL-200a photometer is a cosine diffused sensor head based upon three detectors with filters, which are precision matched to the CIE tristimulus colour matching functions. The CL-200a will give accurate readings regardless of the type of light source under test.

The photometer is a battery-operated, hand-held photometer that reports illuminance in lux, CIE tristimulus values (XYZ), CIE chromaticity (xy, u’v’) and correlated colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin).

The CL-200a reports dominant wavelength and purity, metrics which are commonly used to express the colour of LEDs. The CL-200a also incorporates a USB interface port as standard and is supplied with PC application software, which allows the operator to log illuminance and colour readings automatically to an Excel spreadsheet.

The photometer is available with an accessory kit, which allows the operator to separate the sensor head from the body of the meter. This option means that the sensor head can be placed directly at the surface upon which illuminance measurements are required to be made. The CL-200a is the colorimeter version of the existing T-10 photometer, which provides a more affordable alternative if colour measurements are not required.