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Ocean Optics' UK lighting channel partner Pro-Lite has released the Torus, a miniature spectrometer tuned for the visible wavelength ranges of 360 to 825nm. 

Pro-Lite claims the Torus delivers scientific-grade performance with good thermal stability, making it applicable for a wide range of challenging light measurement applications. The Torus uses a variable line spacing diffraction grating with a 550 grooves per mm groove density at its centre and a nominal blaze wavelength of 400nm. This design yields an optical bench in which light can be manipulated efficiently.

With its concave holographic grating contributing to thermal stability, Torus' wavelength drift is minimised and the peak spectral shape stays the same over a wider temperature range. As a result, the Torus is well suited to precision metrology, fluorescence and absorbance applications.

Pro-Lite is able to configure the Torus as part of a modular spectrometer system. This means it can measure the spectroradiometric, photometric and colorimetric output of light sources as well as materials' optical properties such as spectral reflectance, transmittance, absorbance and colour.


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