Cobra Cure FX

ProPhotonix has launched its Cobra Cure FX, a UV LED lamp ideally suited to a range of ultra violet (UV) curing applications. Cobra Cure FX is a patent pending, compact, fan-cooled UV LED lamp in a stackable form factor that produces a uniform line with a peak irradiance of 4W/cm2 and peak energy density (dose) of 3 J/cm2. It is offered in numerous optical configurations and is available in a range of wavelengths, including 365nm, 385nm, 395nm and 405nm. Multiple wavelength versions are also available.

The Cobra Cure FX's design includes a field-replaceable exit window. In certain operating environments, materials can build-up over time on the outer surface of the window which reduces the intensity of the light resulting in a degradation of system performance. The field-replaceable window allows fast and efficient changes by non-technical personnel, is easy to use, requires no special tools for window replacement, and ensures that the window is secure during operation, thus minimising system downtime.

Cobra Cure FX also incorporates IntelliSense, a patent pending new smart sensing technology which provides precise output control, operational intelligence and 'plug and play' integration for end users. Sensing features include real-time thermal monitoring, which is a necessity ensuring proper system operation; intensity monitoring, providing operating irradiance and efficiency data; lifetime prediction of the lamp, reliability and longevity estimates; and numerous health and safety features.