Cobra MultiSpec

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ProPhotonix’s new multispectral LED line light, the Cobra MultiSpec is available with up to 12 wavelengths, making it ideal for multispectral and hyperspectral imaging applications across a wide range of industries. With discrete control of up to 12 wavelengths, users can maximise contrast by selecting the optimal colour mix and varying the intensity of each wavelength to their specific application need.

Available in wavelengths from 365-1,500nm, the Cobra MultiSpec can be configured with two to twelve wavelengths. ProPhotonix’s use of chip-on-board LED technology ensures that the line light delivers high brightness and excellent uniformity in a compact form factor.

The light also offers field adjustable optics, allowing users to select the optimum lens position for their specific application. Cobra Multispec is modular and available in any length up to five metres.