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The new Compass Yellow from Coherent is a compact, all-solid-state laser delivering 20mW of continuous-wave (CW) output at 561nm in a diffraction-limited (TEM00) beam. This laser will meet a growing demand for yellow laser excitation in fluorescence-based bioinstrumentation applications such as confocal microscopy. The new Compass Yellow is based on Coherent’s family of field-proven, diode-pumped Compass green lasers, with complete platform commonality. This shared platform simplifies the transition to yellow excitation for existing users of Compass green lasers.

The higher power, low-noise output, and field-proven reliability of the Compass family also makes Compass Yellow an attractive alternative for instrument builders currently using other yellow laser sources, including solid-state and Kr+ ion lasers. Compass Yellow also incorporates the same intracavity frequency-doubling platform, but this time utilising the less known Nd:YAG fundamental at 1122nm for a final output at 561 nm. Consequently, Compass Yellow delivers all the Compass family advantages for OEM and research applications, including a small footprint, low power consumption and reduced thermal budgets for simplified integration and remote operation.